• Undercover Covid-Christmas operations to make lockdown 2.0 more fun

    To fight off the oncoming winter blues as the evenings are drawing in, some of us are getting into the festive spirit early this year and neighbourhoods are being adorned with Christmas lights and decorations in an attempt to make lockdown fun and joyful

  • Covid took all of my confidence. Now I’m trying to take it back

    I finished university during Covid and I’m sure any graduate can tell you that last stretch isn’t easy at the best of times and you can imagine it wasn’t stress-free during a Pandemic.
  • Lessons from lockdown we need to remember

    The positive lessons we have learnt from covid-19 lockdown.
  • Consciousness

    Therefore a lot of people Forced to standstill Latched up in the hut Longing for a tenderness Ridiculed by the desire of leaving Fooled and Tricke...
  • Staying Motivated in a Pandemic

    Feeling motivated can be challenging at the best of times, even in the midst of a global pandemic with the endless hours scrolling through Pinteres...
  • Busting Myths and Adjusting to a ‘New Normal’ in Masks

    I thought people would look at me and judge me for wearing a mask. Now I’m proud to be a mask wearer and follow social distancing rules.