Lessons from lockdown we need to remember

Covid-19 has been a test for us all. It has by no means been easy. But when we are pushed to our limits, we can often learn something about ourselves and it is important to remember the lessons we have learnt from a difficult ride.

Some lessons we might have learnt on an individual basis; maybe you learnt which friends you can rely on, or maybe you learnt the benefits of exercise on your wellbeing – if you learnt something that positively benefited you, why on earth would you stop doing it?

Other lessons, arguably the most important lessons, we have learnt together as a society.  

Going forward, together we must remember.

Here are the 3 most important lessons we learnt together during lockdown:

1. It is okay to stop 

As ‘normal life’ came to a halt, so did we.

We learnt that we had to make a realistic routine that incorporated time for us. ‘Me time’ became a recommended priority and for the first time in a long time, a lot of us practiced it.

Even though ‘me time’ came in many different forms, (perhaps it was reading before bed, going on a daily walk, having a bath, or switching off from social media) we began to learn the benefits of putting ourselves first and taking care of our bodies and brains.

Pre-covid, the working life attitude was work work work work work, and now, we can begin to realise that our happiness and wellbeing needs to be a priority.

We can and we will need to make time to stop and relax.

I like to think that maybe Coronavirus was a sign that this lifestyle was unattainable and as a society and individuals we need to set boundaries and limits.  

We know we should be looking after ourselves and consciously looking to improve our wellbeing, lockdown has taught us it is possible to fit that in a working life and we shouldn’t settle for anything less. Do not let it be taken away from you.

We all need to stop. Lockdown has shown us we can. 


2. We can accept the help of others 

Whether it is zoom quizzes with our nearest and dearest or social distanced coffee mornings with the neighbours, for many of us, it was the people around us that got us through.

Within our society there is often the attitude that ‘I can make it and do it on my own’ and that ‘we shouldn’t ask for help’.

But, imagine how miserable lockdown would have been without that communication with our loved ones!

If we all sat in our homes and didn’t speak to ANYONE we would have been so isolated, yet this effectively was what happened pre-covid.

This lesson has highlighted to us that we can rely on and should accept the help of others. We can talk to them about our woes and listen to theirs and help each other rather than face the world on our own.

Everyone single one of us (yes you included) needs a little help carrying our baggage sometimes and that is okay. We can help others with theirs too from time to time. It’s okay to let others lighten our load when we might need it. 

Additionally, how on earth could one-person combat covid alone? When we pull together a lot more is possible and that’s a bloomin’ good thing!


3. We need to show our appreciation and thanks more 

From weekly claps for the NHS to thanking delivery drivers; those who we once took for granted were necessary to keeping our world turning.

Without those who risked their lives on the frontline, things would have turned out… well, a little different. Even now, take away the shop workers, and hospitality staff, things come to a halt again.

These people have worked tirelessly and we mustn’t forget what they have risked and how they benefit our way of life pre covid, during covid, and how they will post covid.

We should never take anyone for granted, even if they are being paid for that work. We all deserve a little bit of gratitude for working hard, and it isn’t as though it’s particularly hard to say thanks.

We got a glimpse into what life would be like if we truly value one another in a community, and look out for one another and work together.

So, let’s really see it; begin by being thankful and removing the inequalities, that is the basis for a community full of gratitude.

The lessons show us what is possible. If we practice these habits, perhaps our community and society will begin to positively flourish.

What’s not to like about looking after; ourselves, our loved ones, and respecting everyone we come into contact with.

Don’t let these lessons be forgotten, we have the knowledge and the materials to do better and be better.


    Author Bio: Hi, I’m Abi Purvis. I’m a freelance writer, as well as a hiker, climber and an environmentally minded individual. I also have my own lifestyle blog and Instagram: @abislifeinwriting . Since graduating I am Duolingo obsessed and have an 107 day streak learning French.

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