Staying Motivated in a Pandemic

Feeling motivated can be challenging at the best of times, even in the midst of a global pandemic with the endless hours scrolling through Pinterest, fuelling us with the best of plans. - Only to discover its 8 pm the next day and you have barely made it to work on time, even though work being your sofa and you have binged watch the entire first season of big mouth, (which if you haven’t seen yet, I’d highly recommend), and the idea of even cooking dinner feels like a struggle. 

"Struggling to feel motivated to do specific things is something we all experience, it is completely normal and not something to feel ashamed or guilty about despite your insta feed being full of people and their newly found skills and creative endeavours!"

A lack of motivation to do certain tasks is actually a highly intelligent part of the human psyche! When we perceive a task as something that will not provide enough personal benefit it becomes more like a chore and we actually lose energy by thinking and doing it. 

It is human nature to be self-interested, which although society generally deems being self-interested as ‘bad,’ and a part of our nature that we should shut out, what would happen if instead we embraced it? 

When it comes to motivation embracing our self-interested nature can actually help us, by finding the self-serving motive that creates inspiration which gives way to motivation so that we can tackle the task or goal at hand.

For example someone maybe completely unmotivated to make dinner, I mean let’s face it JustEat
 is easier, but this person is dedicated to developing their spiritual practice of being in present moment and deem sitting in meditation to be more important.  If they were to then work with their self-interests and use the experience of cooking as a meditative practise of being in the present moment, feeling the texture of each ingredient, breathing in the various aromas of different spices,  going slowly and really feeling into the experiences, they would then feel more energy and motivation to cook.

Another person may use this technique with the same issue but instead be dedicated to their art, if they were to work with their self-interests and to see cooking as multi-sensory artistic experience, feeling each ingredient, experimenting with different flavours just as they do with colours, they would then also feel more energy to cook! 

In these uncertain times it is very easy to become disheartened and unmotivated with a new restriction coming in constantly, our living space now our workplace also, it is so easy to become overwhelmed and unmotivated, but if you can try and find something no matter how basic in a situation that feels like it is in alignment with your personal interests.

So long as we can find an element of something that excites us, even within the tasks we have no excitement in, it will motivate you, (yes, even to do the dishes!) as it will excite you thus feeding you more energy and allowing you to work to your best-interests!

Author Bio: Hi, my name is Hannah Chaggar. I am a writer, podcaster and yoga instructor from Kent specialising in science and spirituality. You can find me on instagram at @hannahxchx and my podcast at @validatemepodcast

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