Undercover Covid-Christmas operations to make lockdown 2.0 more fun

Can the buzz and atmosphere of Christmas make the British public facing lockdown 2.0 feel better?

Here we go again...

Yet this time it’s darker, rainier, and colder than before.

There’s no sunning yourself in the garden, or meeting up with a friend at the local park for a social distanced picnic.

Instead, many of us are turning back to cosy loungewear (with the addition of fluffy socks this time), and brightening our evenings with glowing laptop screens playing endless Netflix parties – thank goodness for the recent releases of great tv!

But a new and alternative way to brighten up lockdown 2.0 is beginning to emerge.

To fight off the oncoming winter blues as the evenings are drawing in, some of us are getting into the festive spirit early this year and neighbourhoods are being adorned with Christmas lights and decorations in an attempt to make lockdown fun and joyful: “Christmas comes early as people put up decorations in November to spread joysays the Independent.

lady looking at the Christmas lights









Christmas reminds us of good times passed, and creates an excited atmosphere which brings communities together.

We need a bit of figurative togetherness right now to make ourselves feel better: Christmas comes early to combat an 'awful year'” says the BBC. 

So, as we all begin to look to embrace a bit of Christmas cheer to keep our spirits up as we face our second lockdown, others are working on a surprise.

With the normal Christmas events, like the parties, visits to Santa’s grotto, and light switch on’s all being cancelled, the undercover Covid-Christmas elves have had to work hard.

Neighbours are decorating their front gardens into a winter wonderland to surprise the kids next-door.

Some are hand-making their families and friends homemade advent calendars to embrace and share their Christmas spirit.

Others, are going on late night undercover Covid-Christmas operations to surprise entire towns!

Earlier this week Chris Evans, embarked on a crowdless secret switch on event in Marlowe town with his son to surprise the residents.

The socially distanced camera crew captured the top-secret mission of the two turning on multiple light displays about the town in their festive father Christmas outfits.

You can watch Marlowe’s cheeky Christmas operation here.

With many towns unable to do their usual switch on events, perhaps we will be hearing more undercover Covid-Christmas light stories in the near future!

What are you doing to celebrate* Christmas this year?

*Celebrating in November is optional!


Author Bio: Hi, I’m Abi Purvis. I’m a freelance writer, as well as a hiker, climber and an environmentally minded individual. I also have my own lifestyle blog and Instagram: @abislifeinwriting . Since graduating I am Duolingo obsessed and have an 107 day streak learning French.

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